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the thematic Internet-resource devoted to coffee and tea.

It has three main directions:

  1. Information-educational
  2. Commercial
  3. Useful practical information for the consumer in Estonia

1. The purpose of the information-educational part of the resource is:

  • Popularization of coffee and tea.
  • Providing the full information on coffee and tea.
  • Acquaintance with culture of drinking coffee and tea in different countries.

2. The purpose of the commercial part of a resource is:

  • Assistance in developing the coffee and tea market of Estonia.
  • Help in establishing business contacts between companies engaged in coffee and tea market.
  • Assistance to sales of coffee, the coffee equipment and tea in Estonia.
  • Help in searching companies, goods, trade marks bearing on coffee and tea.
  • Assistance in promotion of the new companies to Estonian market.
  • Help in promotion and advertising the goods and services of those companies, which are take part in coffee and tea business.

The basic tool for reaching these goals is the COMPANY CATALOGUE.
Here you can find the information of your interest using search by:

  • name of the companies
  • trade mark
  • keyword
  • country
  • category of the goods and services

3. The useful practical information for the consumer in Estonia is in the left menu. Here you can get the following information:

  • cafe, bars, tea, restaurants where you can find various assortment of coffee and tea drinks;
  • order of cakes and confectionery products;
  • companies engaged in sale of pure water and water-cleaning equipment;
  • companies offering maintenance and repair of the coffee-tea equipment and other home appliances;
  • recipes of preparation of coffee and tea;
  • divination on coffee ground and reading tea leaves;
  • vacancies in sphere of coffee-tea business;
  • rebates;
  • exhibitions in Estonia and abroad;
  • exchange rates, etc.



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