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Coffee Tasseography - Fortune Telling with Coffee


Tasseography, sometimes called tasseomancy, is a branch of divination. It has been done for more than a thousand years in many areas of the world.

This activity requires at least two people. Although some people believe that they can read their own fortune, many do not.

Setting up

Choose the old-fashioned kind of coffee cup, similar to a tea cup. It should be rather shallow and wide. You should choose a white or light-colored porcelain cup; never use a black mug.

Preparing the Coffee

Normally, by the time you drink your coffee, there are no grounds in your cup. So I'll tell you how to go about preparing the coffee.

Boil water. Use the same amount of coffee that you normally use. You should not attempt to do this with pre-ground, canned or instant coffee - the coffee will probably taste unbearable and you may end up drinking too many coffee grounds, leaving you with nothing to work with.

Boil the coffee on the stove top. This doesn't make the best tasting coffee, but if you don't boil the coffee grounds, the grounds will float in your coffee cup and make it difficult for you to drink the coffee.

Pour the coffee into the cup without filtering the coffee grounds. Most of the coffee grounds should settle to the bottom of the cup. If you don't have enough to obscure the bottom of the cup, you can manually add a spoonful of grounds from the coffee-pot into the cup. Add sugar and milk to taste. You can stir the drink as much as you'd like. This will stir up the grounds, but they'll re-settle on the bottom of the cup a moment later.

Drinking the Coffee

Drink the coffee and enjoy a good conversation. As you near the bottom of the cup, try not to swallow the grounds. You can use your lips as a sieve to strain the coffee. When you are trying to consume the last of the liquid, turn the coffee cup slowly while you are drinking so that you can strain the liquid from the grounds. Drink as much of the liquid as possible.


Part of "fortune telling" in general, and coffee cup reading in particular, is tuning into the "vibes" of the subject. Try to concentrate on your wish.

Symbols and Significance

The interpreter will be looking for images in the coffee grounds. The process is similar to gazing at clouds and "seeing" symbols and images in your mind's eye.

Usually you can see some sort of a tree. Sometimes it is an oak, sometimes a willow or palm. Itís a person's tree of life. A heavy root structure (or lack of it) tells that about the person's relationship with the family. Sometimes you will see a tree that leans to one side or that is lopsided, indicating that you are concentrating too much energy in one area of your life.

Other symbols can be interpreted, with varying significance, use your imagination and past experiences to interpret the symbols. Here is a (very) short list of interpretation of some common symbols.

Apple: Fertility and creativity.
Arch: Money in business matters.
Bread: Nurture your desires, hopes and dreams.
Bridge: A major decision needs to be made - which way should you go?
Camera: Someone is attracted to you.
Coins: Money is on the way.
Diamonds: A marriage proposal is expected? If the person is married, this may be a symbol of money and material wealth.
Flowers: Flowers indicate happiness.
Genie Lamp: Your wish will be granted.
Harp: Traditional romance.
Heart: A love affair, if the heart is broken or misshapen then the person is broken-hearted.
Knots: Concern over something, take care that it does not negatively affect your health.
Road: Creative opportunities are bringing you to another level.
Ship: A business opportunity is presenting itself.

Meaning and Time

Not all cups tell the future. If the subject is wary of "fortune telling," the cup will be a general cup, and often the cup will be general if this is the first reading for the subject. Sometimes too, the cup may not be about what will actually happen, it will instead reflect what you want or fear that will happen in the near future. If the cup holds overwhelmingly negative symbols: symbols of death and treachery, the cup is probably a manifestation of your fears, not what will actually happen.

If the cup is about the future, however, the placement of the image in the cup is important to understand. The images at the bottom of the cup relate to something that is farther away, while the rim represents the present time.



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